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"Hi I just got my first rat and I've had him about a month now but he wont cuddle or let me pet him for too long he just runs off and doesn't come when I call him, even though I've tried teaching him to, any tips?"
- the-sweet-emotion

Just talk to him a lot!! Rats identify u by ur voice vibrations not thru speech




Life-enriching shirt #7


Ingredients for a horrifying, disgusting, and strangely cute photo session:

1 baby (preferably the non-living kind)

3 rats

A mix of blackberries, raspberries, and tamarind for chunky, crimson blood.

Cooked whole wheat spaghetti for intestines.

1 crushed baked potato for mushy guts.

And viola! Bloody baby for rats of all age!ย 

"Do you guys bathe your rats? and if so, how do you normally go about it?"
- saintspooky

my rat hates water, all of my rats have, but i’ve read some really helpful things online about introducing them to water in ways that will keep them from being scared of it!ย 

they say if you build a couple little islands in the bath tub and fill it with room temperature water, and put some treats on one island and make them have to swim to get the treats, then they’ll grow more accustomed to it

i’m not sure about the other ladies runnin this blog or their rats though.ย 

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