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squishy bean boy

RIP Salem, my little baby died 2 weeks ago :’(


Basically what my dream rat cage would look like :3


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My darling beautiful Bonnie Cotton Passes away on the 5th of May. I had been looking after her days before, becoming worried as she seemed week and disorientated. I went to sleep worried about her and awoke the next morning to her slumped over the food bowl with her eyes barely open. I rushed over and picked her up, she was so limp. I knew then that it was her last day. I nursed her all day, occasionally she would try and clean herself or walk around but she could barely do either. After what must have been about 6 hours both of her eyes started producing large amount of polyphorin. I made her a little bed and cleaned her eyes and nose, after a while of lying in the bed I had made her she started to gasp for air and then she open her eyes after not opening them for the whole days she showed us those beautiful dark brown eyes once again and then she left her body. Her body kept making all these noises that were so horrible. I just wanted her to come back to me, the nerves in her body went on for a while and it just made it worse because I kept thinking she was going to come back, but she never did. Watching the life leave the body of someone you love so much is the most intense and emotionally draining experience I have ever had. I just knew how grateful she was that I nursed her and loved her until she passed. She is very missed I haven’t really stopped crying. Writing this now has brought many more tears. I love you my dearest lady who  has been my best friend for the past two years! 


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